Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Request No. ? What is its relation with Apex No. ?
Any Request received online into Delta will have a unique identification number i.e. Request No. Requests which are taken-up for further processing with respective departments will be assigned Apex No. Tracking would be available on Request No. or Apex No.

Can I fill the form in Microsoft Word ?
You can use the any editor convenient to you as per compatibility of the database at your end.

Is presence of company representative required for submission of Type Approval cases ?
Since this is online submission through ARAI website, there is NO need for any representative to travel to ARAI for submission of documents. Further submission can be made 24x7 at your convenience.

Whether we can see the status of all cases 24x7 ?

Yes. Status will be updated from time to time as long as the ongoing cases are progressing ahead with the respective departments.

Is the Delta system applicable for Type Approval Engine / COP engine / Gensets etc ?
Requests for Type Approval will be processed through Delta initially. Focus is given for the vehicle manufacturers and respective vendors under type approval requests. COP will be covered at latter stage.

Can we compare old specifications with new one ?
This provision is given only within ARAI departments for internal use.

How to Login Delta system ?
You can login to Delta system through ARAI website ( Link is given to Delta system.

How can we change the Password ?
After successful login with current password provision is made available to change the password.

Can one party have different user Id ? If yes how to get it ?
At present unique user Id is provided on behalf of your organisation.

Where we can download the format ?
After successful logon into Delta system provision is given to download the required specification formats.

Is there any manual or help available to user ?
Yes help is available

How we can upload PDF format in Delta ?
You can attach PDF files one after another in the assigned fields after browsing from your system.

How we can trace our case ?
Provision is given under dash-board to view the status of your ongoing cases.

Whether we have to submit our sign & seal ?
Specific authorised stamp for CMVR activity can be included in the documents. Details will be explained in person.

How can we upload the drawings ?
PDF image files as available in the existing system can be uploaded.

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